A Hammer to the Camera Lens

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‘A Hammer to the Camera Lens’ is the latest release from cult Sheffield hardy perennials, Pisco Sour Hour. Now with their line up bolstered by the addition of the multi-instrumentalist Mary Booth, the album is a tour through the weirder recesses of the band’s minds, creating a world where TV evangelists rub shoulders with hedonistic mediaeval chess grandmasters, where desperate debtors devise even more desperate plans to rob banks using their pet monkeys, or where exasperated Colonels try to marshal entire squadrons of sensitive poets in failed military campaigns.

Well known for their frenetic live performances, the foursome have captured their skewed musical outlook in the studio, creating a set of songs that move the feet and bewilder the mind. ‘A Hammer to the Camera Lens’ is a joyous record with a strong pop sensibility, but one that takes its influence from far and wide, swerving from sax led piano pop, to aggressive punky sounds, to electronic balladeering, to country, all the time maintaining a strong, coherent identity. Stop what you are doing and listen to it now!

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