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The Internet Encourages Stupidty… again…

pRight… check this…br /br /a href=”,,1554347,00.html”A News Story About a Stupid Fucking Idea/abr /br /Ok… there’s an institution that already does this. You don’t have to send the books through the post, or wait for them to arrive through the letter box (or, more likely, get one of those cards which mean you have to go to the Post Office at the crack of dawn). You can actually see the book before you decide you want it, flick through it, read a few pages to see if it clicks with you. There are people there – real live people! – who will chat to you, suggest other things, listen to stories about your gammy leg, and how the weather’s turning. And get this… its fucking /br /Your local public library will not charge you a tenner a year. Please support my campaign to find the people responsible for this new “first online cooperative library”, and to take them to their local public library. Watch them crumble, as they realise their super and smashing, Pimms-fueled, arrogant middle-class fucking idea is actually a load of unneccesary bollocks, which only got off the ground ‘cos it involved that panacea of communications media, the Internet. /br /Pete/P

A Pisco Update…

pHello! Bored rigid at work, and so just going to post what we’ve been doing to relive tedium in an effort to drag the minute hand on the clock round and round until it hits that glorious ‘12’, as its counterpart, the short, stubby, slightly greasy hand of the family, that one that you just can’t bring yourself to love even though he’s probably quite clever and nice once you get to know him, that slightly despised and bullied hand who could turn killer in later years due to repressed angsty, spotty rage which has been consuming everything good, and wholesome about him, that hand points to ‘7’. And I go /br /The acoustic gig is the focus of our attention, and we’ve got something quite special brewing at Piscorp Towers – a bluesy ‘My Hero…’, a fearsome ‘The Canch’, the return of an old fave in ‘Cozy Hell’, its looking like it could all happen… or of course, I could do Dylan covers all night. Comment below for your /br /Also, we’re thrashing out the next EP plans. Hopefully the old team, probably a new venue, and definitely 6ish tunes which are bursting to be recorded. I’m very excited about it /br /Finally, hot off the presses, we’re playing a festival in Rotherham for charity at the request of top Pisco person, Dave Shotgun. Its on the 16th Sept, it’ll be wild, its almost too good to contemplate… but do contemplate it… do it now…br /br /Anyway, Ed’ll probably have a go at me at practice tonight for this fraudulent and selfish use of the blog to distract myself. Ah well… back to staring at that poor twisted brotherhood of arms. I hope that the lads have got the booze in…br /br /Pete/p

Binge Living

pI keep waking up in a morning to the sound of people talking about the binge drinking culture on the radio. I usually have a touch of a hangover, /br /Let’s face it, drinking more than is healthy is a popular pastime in this country, but why are we getting so stressed about it? According to the press, it seems that it’s because when Britons get drunk, they get aggressive, unlike our European friends who are all lovely and calm and /br /Oversimplifications R us. But whatever else booze is, it is a truth serum. It doesn’t bring out your dark side or make you do things you wouldn’t dream of doing sober. It brings out the you that is a little way under the surface, and makes you do things you DO dream doing sober, but restrain /br /In other words, if you’re happy and well-adjusted, you’ll be great company when you’re drunk. If you’re angry with your life, your boss or your libido, then you’ll be a horrible embarrassment when you go over the edge. Simple /br /So we can conclude that a major difference between the British and other Europeans is that we British are collectively pissed off. But what about?br /br /Some of my friends reckon that people who like rock music are generally friendlier than people who don’t. Certainly the Corporation always feels very friendly to me compared to other /br /So maybe the cure to the modern British disease is, simply, we need to rock more…/p

Throttle Me With With Telephone Wire, Mother.

a style=”font-family: arial;” href=””Stress Inducing ‘On Hold’ Music/abr /br /pbr /For various reasons I’ve been on the phone to companies today, and as is usual in this modern age I’ve spent most of it ‘ON HOLD’, that strange, limbo status that exists between getting things done, and throwing the telephone against the wall and screaming in a foul and archaic language that should have died with the black death, and vowing to cause death to all telephone call people everywhere. I’m sure you know what I /br /Anyway, a couple of things struck me. Firstly, my bank has had the same piano, stings and saxophone ‘ON HOLD’ track for the last seven years. I’ve heard it in little bits, and in its entirety approximately seventeen thousand times. I could notate it for you right now, and if I think about it any more, I’ll probably start jamming it tonight, causing Ed and Andy to kill me, and rightly so. Secondly, my banks’ music is indicative of ‘pan pipe ON HOLD music’. Contrary to its name, this type of music might not feature pan pipes, but is simply anemic, listless, and devoid of any of the things that any sane person looks for in a piece of music. Listening to it for any length of time is the aural equivalent of being beaten to death by a feather – drawn out, and essentially irritating processes, but guaranteed to sap the life force from you until you are a quaking husk in your /br /Finally, and this is my key discovery, ON HOLD as punishment… in the course of my telephoning I had to contact a company from whom I have withdrawn my custom to get some information. Having explained this to the initial switchboard person, I was told I would be transferred, and slipped into the eeire world of ON HOLD. I settled back in my armchair as some pan-pipe version of a top 5 hit from 1892 limped on, and the inevitable numbing of my senses occurred. Then the music stopped… and seemingly realising that the person on the end of the line had shunned its companies business to move onto pastures new (and cheaper), the ON HOLD machine narrowed its evil piggy electrode eyes, and began playing ‘Have A Nice Day’, by the Stereophonics…br /br /Na-nana-na, na-na-nana-na…br /Na-nana-na, na-na-nana-na…br /br /I will be looking for a new telephone, just as soon as I’ve sorted the dent in the wall…br /br /Petespan style=”font-family:arial;”/spanbr /span style=”font-style: italic;”/spanbr //p

On Great Nights…

pbr /Tonight we played at the Grapes with our friends Mothership and Taste Of Shotgun. We’ve always loved playing the Grapes – its the sort of venue that brings the best out of us, a sweaty little room that seems full regardless of how many folks are there. However, tonight seemed really special…br /br /OK – I won’t beat around the bush. It’s probably the best gig we have ever played. We really worked hard to get ready for it, practicing a lot, thinking about the kind of set we wanted to play, and considering how we would present ourselves and all that bollocks. However, what’s more important is that the atmposhphere was superb, with all three bands supporting each other and being appreciative of what each other does. The crowd were up for a good night, and seemed to realise that the best way to have a good time, is to simply have a good time! There were new friends, old friends, and friends we still haven’t made yet, but they were all there, and EVERYBODY there helped to make the night fantastic. Big up to Ash the soundman too – top chap and superb at what he /br /Anyway, there’s no Pete philosphy here – just a testiment to a fantastic night. Libby has got back home with a copy of the Mothership EP that I already have, and an instruction to me to complete my Taste of Shotgun collection… happy days!br /br /Petebr //p

Songs as Smack

pThis afternoon I sat down to do a mix CD for my two erstwhile bandmates – this is something we decided would be a good idea, so we could better understand each others music outlook blah blah blah… y’know, the kind of pretentious thing we Pisco three get up /br /Anyway, I decided that it would be interesting for both themselves and me if i was just to pick songs that have completely consumed me recently. That rare manner of song that I have played on repeat for 40 mins on the way to work, then sang all day, and then listened to again for 40 mins on the way home. It happens infrequently, but when it does its like instant gratification of the most potent varitety. And after flying through my shelves of CDs, ripping out album after album containing that one, choice track which has consumed me, what did I discover…?br /br /… well, nothing more than I am hoplessly fickle, and that if there is a connection between them, its beyond me to spot, at least with the examples I found below. Therefore I post this strange collection of tunes here (these tunes bear in mind that have totally dominated my listening at one point or another) as the inagural post on the Pisco blog. If you can spot anything that ties these tunes togther (other than the fact that they’re all fucking good), please let me know. Welcome to the Pisco blog – its only just begun…br /br / table str=”” style=”border-collapse: collapse; width: 343pt;” border=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ width=”457″ col style=”width: 173pt;” width=”231″ col style=”width: 170pt;” width=”226″ tbodytr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt; width: 173pt;” height=”17″ width=”231″Toxic/td td style=”width: 170pt;” width=”226″Britney Spears/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Precious/td tdThe Jam/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Miracle Goodnight/td tdDavid Bowie/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Pull Up the Roots/td tdTalking Heads/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Love On A Farmboy’s Wages/td tdXTC/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Don’t Look Down/td tdThe Divine Comedy/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″One For The Road (Break)/td tdCee-Lo/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Cruiser’s Creekbr //td tdThe Fall/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Grace Kelly Blues/td tdEels/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Solid Rock/td tdBob Dylan/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Death Of A Disco Dancer/td tdThe Smiths/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Snowbound/td tdDonald Fagen/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Struggling Man/td tdJimmy Cliff/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Jack Of Speed/td tdSteely Dan/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″Beyond Belief/td tdElvis Costello/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″California/td tdJoni Mitchell/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″You’re All I Need To Get By/td tdMarvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″For Lovers/td tdWolfman Feat. Pete Doherty/td /tr tr style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″ td style=”height: 12.75pt;” height=”17″My Affair/td tdKirsty MacColl/td /tr/tbody /tablebr /br /Petebr //p