A Hammer to the Camera Lens (2011)

A Hammer To The Camera Lens

The latest and greatest. Eleven family favourites. Currently available from iTunes. Shortly available in a physical format. More info!

You can hear four tracks from this album on the player below, as well as a selection of our recordings to date, culled from the other releases on this page:

Jimmy’s Imagination (2008)

Three track EP for the British summer time, comprising of the ramshackle, the smooth and the odd.



‘Reel Back!’ At the Sound of Pisco Sour Hour (2008)

This is the first set of songs to be recorded at Piscorp, after much faffing around with various pieces of electrical equipment and more cheese and wine.



Drunks and Plastic Knives (2006)

This lo-fi affair was recorded in a building in an industrial estate in Newcastle with an incredibly leaky roof. It didn’t stop raining all weekend. Oof. They knocked the building down a few weeks after we left to make way for some much needed luxury city living apartments.


Where The Days Went (2005)

The first PSH sessions, recorded in a barn in Skipsea, North Yorkshire. A town that is rapidly being reclaimed by the sea, beachfront houses disappearing as the cliffs erode. We slept in a static caravan and Ed found himself repeatedly tangled in a fence that he kept forgetting was electrified

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