Pisco Presents

Pisco Presents is our own night where we put on eclectic bills featuring ace artists. We theme and decorate every time, as we want to make them unique events as opposed to just gigs. So far the following has occurred…

Pisco Presents…The Summer Fete (featured Little Robots and The Dirty Rats)

Pisco Presents…Under The Sea (featured Pulka and Kill The Captains)

Pisco Presents…World Of Tomorrow (featured Sgt Buzfuz and The Great Escape Artists)

Pisco Presents…Safari (featured Flamingo Love Parade and Caaave!)

Pisco Presents…Sugar Rush (featured Cats:For:Peru, Dr Robeatnik and Repomen)

Pisco Presents…A Date With Fate (featured The Unfortunate Incident and Electric Tape Recorder)

Pisco Presents…Grimm Tales (featured The Jesus Loves Heroin Band, The Letter and The Three Musky Beards)

Pisco Presents…Grotto of Delights (featured Yellowbellys and Carl Woodford)

Pisco Presents (feat The Penny Lovers and Dave Woodcock)

Pisco Presents (feat Audrey Horne and Glass Antenna)

Pisco Presents (feat Early Cartographers and The Jupitrons)

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