December 20th – Atoness, Rumpus and Us

We are very honoured to be playing this. Blurb ensues:

Atoness are back for ONE NIGHT ONLY!


You remember us.. right? You know. Those two guys? Beards? Chest rugs? They made it pretty big back in the day, they played DnR bar and everything. No? Let me refresh your memory.


“OMG I fukin hate them, they sound like theyre drunk n just shout randm shit at ppl” – girl from a music forum, 2007.


Ah yes, now you remember. Well, we’re back. And it’s Christmas! Not only that, but we’ve got the most awesome RUMPUS and PISCO SOUR HOUR in tow. Absolute honour to have both bands on the bill.


So, let’s recap for those that weren’t listening.


Pisco Sour Hour

I’m not good with blurbs, so let’s just say that we’re all awesome ok? Will let everyone know times when we know ourselves.


Friday 20th December 2013
Redhouse Sheffield