Exposed Album Review – 9/10

Fantastic review of AHTTCL from Exposed Magazine:

In your face, Melua.

The Basics

A local four-piece known for their frenetic live performances and eclectic musical repertoire, Pisco Sour Hour like to touch upon some of life’s more peculiar subject matters. Expect an album that will transition from the sublime to the bizarre quicker than you can say ‘hedonistic mediaeval chess grandmaster’.

The Verdict

In our culture of recycling, it’s a relief when something truly original comes along. How many other songs do you know that tackle a bank manager going on a murderous rampage with his pet monkey (‘Spot Monkey’)?

It’s the album’s heterogeneousness that causes it to be such a refreshing listen; one moment the band are channelling Primal Scream jamming with Television on ‘Country Music’, juxtaposed with the sax-laden lounge-ska of ‘Tanya’. Give a 5-year old boy with ADHD a Red Bull and a box of crayons and tell him to go mental, you still won’t be able to replicate the astonishing variety and depth of imagination demonstrated here LP