News Plus Review of August Pisco Presents

Hello all.

Had a lovely time at the last Pisco Presents, and so did Sloucher Zine. Read the review

And of course, thanks to all who came down and played – we had a ball.

So – news. Let us break it down for you in the appropriate manner, with a funky fresh bullet pointed list

  • Pisco Presents action in October to be confirmed shortly (sorry, had to cancel due to organisational issues – next PP is now December)
  • First of two virtual singles¬†mostly¬†finished bar a couple of overdubs and mixing. The first will be “Let’s Trash Venice Again”/”Dr Fox’s Friend”. These are songs that are too good to be left in the box, but would not fit thematically in the high concept thing we are writing at the moment.
  • We’re in the middle of writing some sort of large, sprawling concept album and will keep you updated as it progresses.

That’s all for now.