Next show: The Hop, Wed 23rd May

Hello each and every one of you. Feel our beneficent gaze and our clammy, over familiar hand on your shoulder.

We’ll be playing a free gig at The Hop, Sheffield on Wenesday 23rd May and we’re very much looking forward to it. The venue’s pretty new so here’s where to find it.

In addition to that, Pisco Presents is returning. It will be a Saturday, once every other month. The first will be June 9th. We have an excellent line up! We have a new venue! More details to follow shortly. We’re very excited about doing these again.

Finally, we’re writing and we’re recording. The plan to put out a 4 track EP has morphed into a plan to put out two individual singles, and then record the ridiculous concept album that we’re currently working on.

In short, all is well in the world ‘o Pisco