Pisco Presents – Sat 8th December

Yes! Pisco Presents is back once again, like the proverbial renegade master of yesteryear. We have an extravagant and luxurious musical feast to satisfy even the most jaded musical palates. Gorge yourself stupid on these treasures and while nodding appreciatively at the presentation:

Early Cartographers

After a summer of ridiculous gigs on barges, buses, bandstands and the occasional so called ‘music venue’, Early Cartographers decided it was time to make something that would help them remember how the tunes go. An ‘EP’ was thus decided upon. ‘The Wolf Chorus’ is a 3-track smack in the face of the humdrum with shouting, clapping and lovely bits. Come down to this EP launch night and be treated to a ferocious and ‘meaningful’ headline set, get the CD cheaper than you would normally and maybe get to feel a little Christmassy too?


Pisco Sour Hour

Twisted tales for long dark winter nights. Stories of horrible ambushes by friars in Mediterranean orchards. More recent reports from the high pressure environment of Angleland’s boardrooms, where CEOs stalk the corridors at night armed with letter openers, pumped full of caffeine and beta blockers. People say you should write about what you know, but let’s assume you don’t want to hear a load of songs about software development and gardening. Dirty guitars. Bracing sax. And vague sense of competence.


The Jupitrons

The Jupitrons are a super good group with punk/rockabilly leanings, who find it pretty much impossible not to knock out quality pop tune after quality pop tune. In fact, by the time you’ve read this, they’ve probably written another one. A must see.


All this, Saturday 8th December at The Shakespeare. 8 ‘til late. Good music, good beer, good times. £3.50 on the door. It will be ace.