Let’s Trash Venice Again

A new tune for you. Tale of wanton destruction of UNESCO World Heritage site via Kenneth Clarke’s ‘Civilisation’ and climactic cinematic denouements. There are no foundations, only facades. And horns. Featuring super guitar guest spot from Ainsley Stones.


December 20th – Atoness, Rumpus and Us

We are very honoured to be playing this. Blurb ensues:

Atoness are back for ONE NIGHT ONLY!


You remember us.. right? You know. Those two guys? Beards? Chest rugs? They made it pretty big back in the day, they played DnR bar and everything. No? Let me refresh your memory.


“OMG I fukin hate them, they sound like theyre drunk n just shout randm shit at ppl” – girl from a music forum, 2007.


Ah yes, now you remember. Well, we’re back. And it’s Christmas! Not only that, but we’ve got the most awesome RUMPUS and PISCO SOUR HOUR in tow. Absolute honour to have both bands on the bill.


So, let’s recap for those that weren’t listening.


Pisco Sour Hour

I’m not good with blurbs, so let’s just say that we’re all awesome ok? Will let everyone know times when we know ourselves.


Friday 20th December 2013
Redhouse Sheffield


Tramlines 2013

Hello all. We’ll be playing our first show for some time as part of West Street Live’s Tramlines line up on Friday 19th July. We’re on at 9.45. We’ll be playing the ‘hits’ in what will probably be a pretty raucous and unsubtle manner. We hope to see you there.

More details to follow!


What Have We Been Up To?

We ask, rhetorically and self importantly.

We’ve been quiet, while all a flurry of activity under the surface. Like a steam powered mega-swan. We’ve recorded some stuff for an EP and are currently writing and rehearsing material for the overblown concept album, which is proving to be a very enjoyable, rewarding and creative process. We hope to begin recording towards the end of the year and continue into 2014 (our tenth year) in the same vein.

We’ll also be keeping the live end up as we do this. Ed will soon return from paternity leave and so we expect to play a few dates in the summer/autumn. More to follow.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other.


Pisco Presents – Sat 8th December

Yes! Pisco Presents is back once again, like the proverbial renegade master of yesteryear. We have an extravagant and luxurious musical feast to satisfy even the most jaded musical palates. Gorge yourself stupid on these treasures and while nodding appreciatively at the presentation:

Early Cartographers

After a summer of ridiculous gigs on barges, buses, bandstands and the occasional so called ‘music venue’, Early Cartographers decided it was time to make something that would help them remember how the tunes go. An ‘EP’ was thus decided upon. ‘The Wolf Chorus’ is a 3-track smack in the face of the humdrum with shouting, clapping and lovely bits. Come down to this EP launch night and be treated to a ferocious and ‘meaningful’ headline set, get the CD cheaper than you would normally and maybe get to feel a little Christmassy too?


Pisco Sour Hour

Twisted tales for long dark winter nights. Stories of horrible ambushes by friars in Mediterranean orchards. More recent reports from the high pressure environment of Angleland’s boardrooms, where CEOs stalk the corridors at night armed with letter openers, pumped full of caffeine and beta blockers. People say you should write about what you know, but let’s assume you don’t want to hear a load of songs about software development and gardening. Dirty guitars. Bracing sax. And vague sense of competence.


The Jupitrons

The Jupitrons are a super good group with punk/rockabilly leanings, who find it pretty much impossible not to knock out quality pop tune after quality pop tune. In fact, by the time you’ve read this, they’ve probably written another one. A must see.


All this, Saturday 8th December at The Shakespeare. 8 ‘til late. Good music, good beer, good times. £3.50 on the door. It will be ace.


News Plus Review of August Pisco Presents

Hello all.

Had a lovely time at the last Pisco Presents, and so did Sloucher Zine. Read the review

And of course, thanks to all who came down and played – we had a ball.

So – news. Let us break it down for you in the appropriate manner, with a funky fresh bullet pointed list

  • Pisco Presents action in October to be confirmed shortly (sorry, had to cancel due to organisational issues – next PP is now December)
  • First of two virtual singles mostly finished bar a couple of overdubs and mixing. The first will be “Let’s Trash Venice Again”/”Dr Fox’s Friend”. These are songs that are too good to be left in the box, but would not fit thematically in the high concept thing we are writing at the moment.
  • We’re in the middle of writing some sort of large, sprawling concept album and will keep you updated as it progresses.

That’s all for now.




Pisco Presents…Sat 11th August

How soon is now? What time is love? Where’s me jumper? If you are looking for the answer to any of these questions, then I’m afraid that Saturday August 11th’s Pisco Presents will not provide you with enlightenment. However, if you have a thirst for high quality musical entertainment and top grade instrument bashing excitement, then look no further and drink deep the syrupy isotonic sports drink of rock/roll. The programme of entertainments is as follows:

Pisco Sour Hour. Angleland’s 4th best pop group. Rudimentry instrument manglers. Born in a barn.

Audrey Horne. Trusty seafarers of music. Bred in a Yorkshire dale, they want your babies. Hard to classify but easy to love.

Glass Antenna. What Electric Tape Recorder did next. Their debut gig. Expect powerful, dirty art rock action. Expect the unexpected…no, wait…

Shakespeares. Saturday August 11th. £3.50 on the door.


Pisco Presents – Sat June 9th

Hello. After many months in the wilderness, subsisting mainly on grubs, Pisco Presents returns. June 9th. We’re at a new venue, Shakespeares, with a super hot line up, plus the now customary hastily cobbled together distractions. For the quite reasonable entrance cost of £3.50, you and your loved ones can enjoy the following programme of entertainment

Pisco Sour Hour. Genre fiddling, instrument swapping, sound man irritating four piece, delivering twisted tales through the medium of popular song. If you see one genre fiddling, instrument swapping, sound man irritating four piece, delivering twisted tales through the medium of popular song this year, then make it this one. www.pisosourhour.co.uk

The Penny Lovers. A coming together of two of Doncaster’s stalwarts of the local music scene, The Carousels and Hopper Ward. Drawing influences from all genres of music, their sound can probably be best described as indie folk with a smattering of country and dance. pennylovers.get-ctrl.com

Dave Woodcock. Performing solo and unaided. Songs of booze, regret and wanderlust with a freewheeling, growling cockiness. Honest, emotive and revealingly personal. But mainly, just plain awesome. http://www.davewoodcock.net/

Come on down. If you’re going to Peace in the Park then come on down afterwards – the venue is a short stumbling distance away.